Unity 3D: Turtle Rescue


Super Awesome Turtle Rescue Fight against Sharky

3rd Person 3D game about rescuing sweet turtles before Sharky eats you!


You're playing a sweet turtle in a mystical and dangerous underwater world. Your mission is simple: Find all turtles-babies and bring they back in safety. But beware: You have enemies! Sharky tries to eat you and all of your turtle-babies. The player controls the turtle using keyboard and mouse or optimally by controller input from 3rd person view.


The 3D game was developed within three days (about 40 hours) by Kalle Münster and Dario D. Müller. It's based on Unity 3D engine and programming was done in C#.

  • Kalle handled the programming of turle-children following the player, the Sharky artificial intelligence, developed the GUI and do bugfixing.
  • Dario developed the player movement, random spawning, collecting turtles, Sharky movement, goal and gameplay as well as taking care of prioritization and project planning.
  • ​Most assets were already in place. Artist Richard Steffens took care of adjustments to assets and environment and created the animation tree for the turtles.


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    Dario D. Müller, living in Hamburg is Programmer for Web Development since five years. A year ago, he began studing game programming at SAE University Hamburg, Germany.


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