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AlphaKlang Teaser

AlphaKlang – The Experience of Sound

AlphaKlang is a 3D game and custom-build C++ framework which provides an abstract world which dynamicly changes to music.

Herp 'n' Derp

Herp ‘n’ Derp – Monster Advocate

Herp 'n' Derp put the monster in “Monster Advocate”. An unpleasant job nonetheless BUT it is an even bigger hustle if you are a two-headed monster and your client lives in the lost woods.

To The Moon

GameJam 2014: To The Moon

Two astronauts are dreaming the dream of being the first person on the moon. Who will win? Who can start a rocket at first? Find out, now.


Unity 3D: Turtle Rescue

Developing a Unity based 3rd Person 3D game within 40 hours. It's about rescuing sweet turtles before Sharky eats you.


Flowfield Pathfinding

Facharbeit zum Thema Flowfield Pathfinding als neuartiger Einsatz zur Lenkung von Schwärmen für den Einsatz in Strategie-Spielen.

Empires of Unity

Unity 3D RTS Game: Empires Of Unity – GIT Conflict

Development of a Unity RTS game by a team of programmer at SAE University Hamburg. Open Source and free to download.

The Adventures of the lost Soul

The Adventures of the lost Soul” ist ein 2D side-scrolling Jump’n’Run für den PC, welches die eigens entwickelte GE3K Engine 2D nutzt.

GE3K Engine

OpenGL & C#: GE3K Engine 2D.

GE3K Engine 2D is a graphics engine developed by a team of students of SAE Institute Hamburg. Written in C# and build with OpenTK Framework and NAudio Library.

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    Dario D. Müller, living in Hamburg is Programmer for Web Development since five years. A year ago, he began studing game programming at SAE University Hamburg, Germany.


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