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AlphaKlang Teaser

AlphaKlang – The Experience of Sound

AlphaKlang is a 3D game and custom-build C++ framework which provides an abstract world which dynamicly changes to music.

Herp 'n' Derp

Herp ‘n’ Derp – Monster Advocate

Herp 'n' Derp put the monster in “Monster Advocate”. An unpleasant job nonetheless BUT it is an even bigger hustle if you are a two-headed monster and your client lives in the lost woods.

To The Moon

GameJam 2014: To The Moon

Two astronauts are dreaming the dream of being the first person on the moon. Who will win? Who can start a rocket at first? Find out, now.


Unity 3D: Turtle Rescue

Developing a Unity based 3rd Person 3D game within 40 hours. It's about rescuing sweet turtles before Sharky eats you.

Empires of Unity

Unity 3D RTS Game: Empires Of Unity – GIT Conflict

Development of a Unity RTS game by a team of programmer at SAE University Hamburg. Open Source and free to download.

The Adventures of the lost Soul

The Adventures of the lost Soul” ist ein 2D side-scrolling Jump’n’Run für den PC, welches die eigens entwickelte GE3K Engine 2D nutzt.


Global Game Jam: Android Game

Für den Global Game Jam 2014 haben wir ein Android Game entwickelt. Programmiert mit Java und auf Basis von LibGDX entstand innerhalb von 48 Stunden ein Jump & Run.


C# & XNA: Moon Invasions

Entwicklung eines 2D PC Top-Down Shooters während eines 24h Gamejams. Programmierung mit C# und XNA-Framework.

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    Dario D. Müller, living in Hamburg is Programmer for Web Development since five years. A year ago, he began studing game programming at SAE University Hamburg, Germany.


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