Herp ‘n’ Derp – Monster Advocate

Herp 'n' Derp - Monster Advocate

48 hours, 10 teams, 80 participations – this was the Global Game Jam 2015 at InnoGames headquarters in Hamburg. My team SuperAwesome and I have built our first game together:

Herp 'n' Derp put the monster in “Monster Advocate”. An unpleasant job nonetheless BUT it is an even bigger hustle if you are a two-headed monster and your client lives in the lost woods. Grab your best gaming buddy and play together as ONE character and face over 10 whacky levels filled with weird obstacles that will make you and your partner go: “What do we do now (Derp)?!”

1st place at InnoGames Global Game Jam 2015

Herp 'n' Derp was build within 48 hours on one weekend. Creating this wonderful game was a lot of fun and makes me really happy while programming. We reached the 1st place at InnoGames Global Game Jam, where the jam was participated.

It is a local multiplayer for two player played with keyboard. As game engine we used Unity 3D Engine in combination with C# programming and build the game for Windows Platform. Graphics design is a mix of a 3D Character was in a 3D world with 2D Assets which was created with Photoshop and Maya.

More information can be found over globalgamejam.org. The code is available as an open source project on GitHub. You want to try out the game now? Check it out now: Download-Link below.


  • Kerstin Buzelan (2D Art)
  • Maurice Alain Hagelstein (Game Design)
  • Robert Koch (3D Art)
  • Kalle Münster (Programming)
  • Dario D. Müller (Programming)


  • Herp 'n' Derp @ Global Game Jam
  • Herp 'n' Derp @ InnoGames 
  • GitHub Sourcecode
  • Direct Download (Windows)
  • Direct Download (Mac OS)

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