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Today's topic: WebGL 3D-Development

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WebGL ist more than a trend. It's the future of the gaming in the Web 2.0. It allows playing games and render 3D-Objects without installation extra Software, directly in the Browser. WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics.

In my last article, I have reported about Canvas HTML5-Elements. To render the Graphics and make a physic engine avaiable, I used hardcore JavaScript, I also could use the Kinetic Framework. Besides a few frameworks, there is the possibility to use WebGL which is graphic-card-supported and based on OpenGL.

WebGL can be running in most current Browsers for desktops and smartphones

  • Three.JS Demo-Page
  • Dynamic Terrain Example



Look at the next two Examples for WebGL-Development. It's really easy to build 3D-Objects with Three.JS Framework. View also the source-code for more infos.


The next Demos shows how rotations can be animated and objects (cubes) will be "fly" in the room.


If the Demos wouldn't be run, execute it with Chrome Browser.

The Demos and Examples based on the following tutorials:

  • German tutorial "Einstieg in WebGL"
  • Three.JS basics and tutorials



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