GameJam 2014: To The Moon

To The Moon

48 hours GameJam Project @ InnoGames

Two astronauts are dreaming the dream of being the first person on the moon. Who will win? Who can start a rocket at first? Is it even possible to leave the planet? Or will your opponent destroy your rocket before it's ready to launch? No one knows, but it's still a lot of fun…

To The Moon

To the Moon is a 2D multiplayer game for two astronauts fighting against each other. They're trying to build their rockets to fly to the moon, while they're stealing fuel- and enengy-modules and shoot each other with their laser weapons.

This game was developed at the famous InnoGames Gamejam #7 within 48 hours on November 2014. About 140 developer, artists and sound-engineers participated at one of germany's biggest gamejams. The topic was: "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" – Walt Disney. We reached the 3. place by votes of the community.


The Game will be played by two players with two Xbox-Controllers in front of one computer. Each player controls one astronaut, who is trying to catch rocket-modules which lying around the environment and put them into their rockets. The other player must try to prevent the module-catching of player 1 by shooting and steal the modules to put them into his own rocket. The gameplay ensures a constant back and forth of modules and demands quick reactions of both players. The one who has completely filled his rocket, can start a countdown to flight away with his rocket. Meanwhile, the enemy can try to shoot the rocket.

Management & Prioritization

Our goal was to develop a playable prototype within half the time of total 48 hours in which all features are present and which only needs to be polished. We beganto take five hours to brainstorm a good idea and started on first day at 11pm with developing. As planned, we had an already working build contains all features by 8pm next day. Now we were able to play it all night long. We don’t implement any other feature the remaining 18 hours, we did just some bugfixing.


Lukas Fritsch and Noah Carev took over the part of Art & Animation. Felipse Mahling created a wonderful background soundtrack and designed the sound effects. Dario D. Müller took care about coding priorization and developed with Lars Engel most of the logic. Kalle Künster build movement and GUI and Steffen Hees develped in pair-programming together with Lars.

Sound & Music Art & Animation Programming
  • Felipe Mahling
  • Noah Carev
  • Lukas Fritsch
  • Kalle Münster
  • Lars Engel
  • Steffen Hees
  • Dario D. Müller



To The Moon is hosted as an open source project and free available to download for MAC and PC.

  • GitHub Sourcecode
  • InnoJam Project-Page
  • InnoGames Blog
  • InnoGames TV about InnoJam (begin 12:45 min)

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