OpenGL & C#: GE3K Engine 2D.

GE3K Engine 2D.

GE3K Engine 2D is a graphics engine developed by a team of students of SAE Institute Hamburg, Germany. It was built for the game The Adventues of the lost Soul.

It’s a windows-optimized engine technology for 2d graphics using OpenGL Rendering and was written in C# on top of OpenTK Framework. Sound-Effects using a custom-build Sound-Engine realized with NAudio Library.


Programming by:

  • Dario D. Müller (Engine, Collision-System, Gameplay features)
  • Richard Steffens (Sound-Engine)


  • Box-Collider
  • Circle-Collider
  • Spline / Polygon-Collider
  • Event-driven Collision


  • Distance-Dependency
  • Stereo-Manipulation
  • Randomized Sounds
  • Zone-Based Ambient-Fading

Gameplay features

  • Text-Writer
  • Tile-Animation
  • Parallax-Effect
  • Scrolling

GE3K Engine Collision



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    Dario D. Müller, living in Hamburg is Programmer for Web Development since five years. A year ago, he began studing game programming at SAE University Hamburg, Germany.


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