Unity 3D RTS Game: Empires Of Unity – GIT Conflict

Empires of Unity RTS Game

Empires Of Unity – GIT Conflict is an real time strategy (RTS) game by a team of programmer at University "SAE Institute" in Hamburg, Germany. It's published as Open Source and free to download.

It was build as a part of a study project for demonstrate programming skills. As game engine we used the Unity Engine v4. The game is currently just in a prototyp stadium. The graphics and design art are just a development prototype and not final.


The team consists of three developers

  • Head programmer Kalle Münster () wrote the main logic of the game including architecture and logic structures. He also developed an unique rocketry-system with automatic target-finding and a dynamic unit-system.
  • Frontend programmer Lucas Nowak () created resources, building and units logic for gameplay.
  • Lead programmer Dario Müller () took care of the prototyping and the project management. He developed the architecture logic and wrote the basic system together with Kalle.

The team also consisted five artists. The build-in 3d assets were created by Mirco Eidecker and Richard Steffens within a week. Further artists was Bionda Schober, Fabian Fischer and Sebastian Ahrens for concepts and planing.

The Sounds was created within a short period of time by Simon Quaas, Adrian Litzendorf and Jona Scholz.



The game is hosted at GitHub as an open source project.

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    Dario D. Müller, living in Hamburg is Programmer for Web Development since five years. A year ago, he began studing game programming at SAE University Hamburg, Germany.


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